What if the business I work for tells me that I can’t make a claim against them?
Many injured workers are told that they do not have the right to bring an injury claim or file a lawsuit against their employer because their employer has workers’ compensation insurance. It is important to have an experienced attorney verify the information you have been given.

Your employer may be telling you that you cannot make a claim because the accident was your fault, but this is not correct. In Texas, workers’ compensation benefits are payable regardless of fault or cause of injury. There are exceptions such as whether the employee was intoxicated at the time of the injury. Therefore, it is important to contact Attorney, Nadine M. Nieto, to discuss your case.

In some cases, your claim may not be submitted to the insurance company or there may be a delay in submitting your claim. You have the right to submit your claim directly to the employer’s insurance company. Attorney, Nadine M. Nieto may be able to help you.

Workplace accidents can be complex and it may be necessary to conduct an investigation. This may include checking your medical records, employment records and other records. If you have suffered a workplace accident, call Nadine Nieto today. Nadine Nieto has extensive experience handling workplace accident cases and can help you get the compensation you deserve.


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